Platinum Clear Cookies

Clear the cookies from your Firefox and Internet Explorer


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Platinum Clear Cookies is a tool to get rid of all the cookies stored on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer with a single click.

Cookies are information sent by websites and stored in your web browser so that sites can track your activity. This information isn't erased automatically, meaning you'll have to do it yourself.

Platinum Clear Cookies quickly erases all cookies stored in both browsers so you can browse more anonymously and safely. Not only does it make it impossible for anyone to track your activity, the program also deletes useless files that just take up space and slow down your system.

It's very easy to use. Just open the program and click 'Clear Cookies' off to the side of the browser you use (Explorer or Firefox). Undoubtedly the best thing about this application is that you also can filter cookies, meaning you can choose to keep some of them and delete others. You just have to type the word 'Facebook,' for example, into the program's search bar and all the cookies for sites containing this word will disappear.

The trial version can only be run 10 times.

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